Solution for the iPad generation!


Good posture in a digital era

Our design makes it easy to ensure your child surfs the way nature intended with an optimal eye to screen distance. 

A good posture is known to enable:

Correct curvature of the back

Proper neck posture

Increased oxygen levels compared to a "hunched" pose

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Laying on your stomach, a natural part of childhood

The key to a good posture in a digital era is laying on your stomach, a pose that comes naturally to us as we grow from infants into adults. 

Surf helps the behaviour truly stick and also gently guides the user into a better neck position and eye to screen distance. 


Made with love in SWEDEN

Surf saw first light in the nothern parts of the world in October 2018. 

Made out of the softest Italian wool and a certified foam core that both supports and provides comfort.

We know that changing a behaviour can be hard, Surf has therefore been designed to fit your living room interiors. Helping you ensure a correct surfing posture everyday, a bonus is time spent as a family in the heart of your home. 

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