How it all started

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How SURF came to life and the very start of Native Bionics.

Native Bionics was founded in 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden by Mikael Signarsson, a curious and creative serial entrepreneur and Martin Kramberg, a passionate napraphatic practitioner and owner of MK Naprapati.

This is the story of how they got to know each other and started the Native Bionics story with the aim to bring solutions for a healthier digital lifestyle to the world.

It all began with Mikael’s 6 year old son, who for quite some time had been complaining that he had an unusual pain in his body with the main discomfort focused to his legs. Like any parent, Mikael and his wife felt very concerned and started what was to become a long and at times hopeless journey to find out what really caused the pain and how to treat it.

They met with several experts but got very few answers, until after some time they finally made progress at a chiropractor, who during ongoing treatments helped remove the pain. However, it only eased it for a short time and kept coming back again and again.

The big breakthrough came after Mikael took a friends recommendation and met with Martin at his clinic for the very first time. Martin recognised the symptoms and immediately asked ”is your son using a tablet?”

At first Mikael was hesitant in his response, thinking what could tablets possibly have to do with his son’s pain in his legs?

But as it turned out this was the root cause of his son's discomfort and led to be the first step towards real change. At the clinic they not only got initial treatment to alleviate the pain but they also got a series of advice on how to enable a good posture while using tablets or mobile devices. During the treatment sessions Martin also shared his insight on why our relatively new digital lifestyle have such a big impact on our bodies, and his concern about the fact that more and more parents come to him with children that have neck and back pain due to use of digital devices.

Following treatments and advice, Mikael's son’s pain was soon a memory. This quick turnaround really caught Mikael's attention and after looking into the topic it was clear that it is a global problem with few solutions, something that can really make the behavioural change that is necessary and easy for parents to implement.

To find out more about how this digital pandemic could be treated Mikael started to visit Martin as a patient. Their sessions were at first focused on the subject matter but soon ended up in discussions on various ideas and solutions that could help address the challenges of a digital lifestyle.

The idea of SURF came up and Native Bionics was born.

Mikael Signarsson & Martin Kramberg