Evolution has spent millions of years perfecting our bodies, but during the last decades our reality has changed so drastically it stands no chance in keeping up with how we live our lives.  

Our mission to deliver products that effortlessly enable a


has never been more important

Native Bionics was founded in 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden, following a chance meeting between our founders Mikael, a curious and creative serial entrepreneur and Martin, a napraphatic practitioner and owner of MK Naprapati. 

The seed for what today is Surf was planted when Mikael came to Martin's clinic to seek help for his son, who despite long series of meetings with experts had an unexplained pain in his body.

Martin knew only to well that the symptoms Mikael's son was experiencing were due to his use of a tablet. With a combination of treatments and advice on how to counteract the effects Mikael's son was soon pain free.  

But how could it be that sitting hunched over a tablet can cause such issues and how come it has been so difficult to find answers.

Mikael's quest for information combined with Martins expertise slowly grew to more defined ideas of solutions that could truly help to enable a good posture in a digital era. 

Want to know more about this journey?  We share this and other useful information in our Stories section

Redefining the way you surf

With the launch of Surf we reveal a completely new kind of children's furniture, it is a piece that is very close to our hearts. Not only because it is our first, it is also born out of worry of how our new digital lives are affecting our younger generations and we truly believe Surf will make a difference. 

Our Team

We are a team of curious, passionate and creative minds with a unique set of ideas and expertise in the field of innovation, business development, biomechanics, ergonomics and industrial design.

We believe our products that will be available globally are set to redefine the interiors landscape, by introducing furniture that effortlessly allow you and your loved ones to engage in a more healthy digital lifestyle.

Grow with us! 

 We are growing fast and if you like us relish the opportunity to make a difference we would love to hear from you. In the next couple of months we plan to expand the team with digital marketers, growth hackers and business developers etc. Drop us a note, we promise to reply!