Cookie policy


A cookie is a small text file that is sent from a webserver to a web browser. Native Bionics uses the information for statistical purposes, to track visitory activity on the webpage, and to improve and personalize the website user experience.

There are two type of cookies, one type is called persistent cookie that remain on visitor’s computer for a set amount of time. The other type is called session cookie that is stored on visitor’s computer for the duration of time they browse a website. As soon as the web browser is closed, the session cookie is deleted.



Native Bionics uses cookies to improve and tailor the website for optimal user experience. Examples of functions affected by cookies include: order fulfilment, login, and your shopping cart. Cookies also save certain information that helps us target your preferences, in order to provide you with the most relevant ads and offers.

Persistent cookies are used to e.g. save potential personal settings that you have chosen when browsing, so that you can skip this step on consecutive visits.

Session cookies are used to collect statistics on website usage.

By using Native Bionics website and/or by accepting our Terms of Service, you are agreeing to the use of cookies.

If you do not wish to use cookies, these can be turned off under the Settings tab on your web browser (see browser’s Help pages for more information). Please note however that if you choose to not accept cookies, you might not be able to order at and additional site functionality may also be limited.



Native Bionics web & e-commerce platform use both type of cookies at in order to provide basic functionality and to get more information about your usage and to help develop new products and services.

The type of cookies use belong to the following category types:

Appearance – We use cookies to show font and custom design.

Preferences – We use these cookies to remember your setting and preferences.

Security – We use these cookies to identify and prevent security risks.

Performance – We use these type of cookies to gather information on how you as customer interact with our services and help improve them.

Analysis – We use these type of cookies to track, analyse how customers use the site and to customise and improve our services and offer.

Advertising & marketing – We use these kind of cookies to customise the ad content and optimise the advertising and make them more relevant and meaningful for our visitors and to track the effectiveness in our advertisement campaigns & promotions.