Start using SURF


We are so thrilled that you have joined our revolution! Setting up is easy just follow the below steps

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 

1. Put the connection plate on the floor with the surf logo facing up
2. Place the body and the tablet parts on top as in above image
ensuring that the space between the two parts is minimal
3. Place tablet on the tablet shelf or in the tablet pocket if
the tablet does not have a protective case

 Please also read the following warnings and instructions before use

SURF can be used on the floor, please take care when placing it so that it does not pose a risk for tripping 

The product is not a toy, ensure that it is only used for it's purpose and that the child using the product is supervised whilst using the product. 

The foam core becomes yellow with age and when subjected to light, this is normal and does not effect the functionality 

Like any foam our foam core can be damaged by sharp objects, scratching etc,  to protect it please ensure the product is only used when the fitted fabric cover provided by us is used. 

Do not force any object larger than a standard tablet into the tablet pocket as it may tear the foam core

Ensure the zippers are neatly tucked away under the fabric as they otherwise may damage sensitive floors

Keep the product dry 


WARNING: The fabric cover is removable please keep away from children to avoid risk of suffocation

WARNING: Keep product and all product parts away from electricity and any other heat sources that can cause the product to catch fire